Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Want victory? Stop fighting the “War on Terror”

Enough is enough. As America leads the fight to save the world from totalitarian Islamofascism, we have hamstrung our selves with the concept of fighting terror in the form of “non-state” actors. Certainly there are Islamic terrorist groups throughout the world that need to be suppressed, but to pretend that there are no states for us to confront is sheer willful idiocy.

The Taliban in Afghanistan was the de facto government there. Hezbollah might as well the Lebanese state. Was Saddam Hussein’s Iraq a non-state actor?

Iran is the source of much of the terrorist support in the world. It is long past time for this regime and its supporters to be brutally destroyed. The long anticipated “democratic revolution” in Iran will never happen otherwise. Once Iran has been nullified, Hezbollah and Syria will fold like cheap suits.

Will that end the global threat of Islam? No, but it will be a good start. Much of the terrorist enabling infrastructure in the Islamic world will be gone. Iraq will have a chance to have democracy. Whether they chose freedom or chose to spiral down into the darkness of Islam is a whole other question.

We’ll still have to deal with our erstwhile allies, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. These countries will have to eliminate their terrorist breeding grounds one way or another.

Without a doubt, there will be uprisings among the unassimilated hordes of the world-wide Muslim Diaspora. These uprisings will have to be quelled with the utmost brutality. Aside from the United States, countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, India, Denmark, France, and many others will have to deal with this. Better to deal with it sooner rather than later when the demographics will favor the Muslims.

Do you think that I’m a blood-thirsty madman? Do you wonder, “what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?” Do you think that we should be winning hearts and minds instead? If so, then you have not been paying attention.

Listen to their own words. Islam has been seeking world domination for 1400 years. They have no real grievances with Israel or the United States. Any other Muslim complaint is simply a smokescreen, a part of their “peaceful inner struggle” as it were. There can be no compromise, no diplomatic solution, no multicultural bridge-building, no peaceful co-existence. If you want a peaceful solution, your choices are conversion, dhimmitude, or death.


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